Life doesn’t come with a manual…But it does come with a mother.

Mother’s day is this Sunday, 10 May 2020. Due to the lockdown leading to loads of stores being closed for the last 38 days, many of us have probably not gotten to getting Mom that special gift yet. But, don’t despair; we’ve got you covered with our FIRST EVER gift guide!

1. Mother’s Day Picnic at home

What would Mother’s Day be without some delicious food?  

This lockdown has had some serious negative vibes going on, but luckily for us (and Mom) Namibians are resilient, brave, and innovative. Just go and have a look at the website and follow these easy steps:

  1. Select your vendor of choice – there are so many to choose from. They’ve got vendors in Windhoek, Walvis Bay, and Swakopmund ready to send you a delicious, treat-filled picnic basket or box.
  2. Select your basket and quantity and click Add to Cart –  it’s just that easy!
  3. You can continue shopping by browsing the other vendors or click Proceed to Checkout – why not cover Monday as well and pick up a post mother’s Day treat to enjoy at work?
  4. Enter your info for delivery, double-check your order, and then click Place Order – it’s really as easy as pie!
  5. To complete your order, please make your payment. Either click the link on the page OR access the link in the email sent to you. You’ll be given the option to pay by card online OR to complete the transaction through PayToday – for those of you still a bit sceptic about entering your card information online, you can use PayToday easily and quickly!

The vendors range from The Taste Academy right here in Windhoek to the amazing Godenfang in Walvis Bay (they are also doing deliveries in Kuisebmund and Narraville, Long Beach and Dolphin Beach!). Blikbeker’s even got three different options: cheese grazing platter, light lunch, and a picnic meal feast. 

As for what’s in the baskets? Well, ain’t that a treat! They’ve got baskets with home baked beer loaf and cold meat selection and quiche and brownies and chipotle pulled game wraps and so much more! There are even vegetarian baskets available for the Mom who’s not into meat.

Baskets and boxes starting from N$300! 

So, treat your Mom to a picnic at home this Mother’s Day, because… well… She deserves it!

2. Uncle Spikes’ Book Exchange

Uncle Spikes’ Book Exchange is an institution in Windhoek and they’ve always got something for everyone. They’ve even got gift vouchers now (in N$50, N$100, and N$200 denominations). So, if Mom prefers a physical book and loves to get lost in books, an Uncle Spikes gift card is definitely the way to go! Throw in a chocolate bar (or three) and you’ve got the gift to top all gifts! 

3. An Audible Audiobook 

Emily Ley’s mission in life is to inspire and empower women with the tools they need to simplify their lives. Her books are filled with nuggets of wisdom and tips and tricks for women. Two of her books, “Grace Not Perfection” and “When Less Becomes More” are now available at Audible for great prices. If your mom sometimes feels overwhelmed, or you think she just needs a little pick-me-up, look no further! These books are great and will remind us all that we are doing the absolute best that we can and that it’s okay to take a break!

Check out her Instagram accounts and join a great community that supports all women in all seasons of life:

4. Susan Nel

If your mom likes beautiful placemats, bathroom mats, runners, and table cloths, why not visit Susan Nel’s Social media pages? With fantastic designs on each of her products, these are gifts that will always remind Mom just how much you love her – and they’re useable to boot. No more handcrafted mugs that are a bit leaky and always mysteriously “disappear”, now, you’ve got Mom covered with a great gift this year!

5. Leon Engelbrecht Design 

Every woman loves a soft towel, and mothers are no different! In fact, mothers probably appreciate something soft and beautiful of their own a bit more! Leon Engelbrecht’s got some beautiful and soft Turkish towels at 20% discount! These towels are excellent quality, and oh-so-soft. Mom will love it, and who knows, maybe she’ll let you touch it. Only after you’ve washed your hands three times and only for about three seconds, of course!

6. Le Creuset

Image from

Let’s face it, you’ve probably broken a few of Mom’s favourite coffee mugs and felt bad about it. Now, you can make up for it by picking up 4 mugs at Le Creuset for the price of 3! That’s right, Le Creuset is having some amazing specials! They’re giving you 20% off on all full-priced items until 31 May 2020 which includes some amazing cast iron casseroles, whistling kettles, and so much more! It’s absolutely gorgeous and will work brilliantly in any kitchen!

7. Owlet 

If Mom’s bag is looking a bit… down, go have a look at Owlet’s small leather tote bag! It is such a versatile bag and is big enough to hold all her essentials! Throw in her favourite lipstick and you’ve got a great gift!

Height: 26cm x
Width: 32 cm x 
Depth: 10cm (oval basis) 
Price: N$ 950.00

8. Marion’s Cakes

They make stunning cakes just as you want them!

Order a cake for Mother’s day – Marion’s Cakes can do just about anything! Their cakes are delicious and Mom is guaranteed to love it. The best part about a cake? Sharing it with someone you love. So, grab a cake, head to Mom’s, pop on the kettle, pour out a tea and just enjoy the day!

9. Nataniël News Page

Some entertainment for mom! Nataniël is back with his second e-visit! On Sunday, 10 May 2020, Nataniël will be in his favourite room: his wardrobe! He’ll be chatting about lost travels, new opportunities, and new realities!

He’ll also be inviting some exciting guests, all joining in from their own wardrobes. Be on the lookout for guests like Sandra Prinsloo, Corlea Botha, Charl du Plessis, Alexa Strachan, and Reynardt Hugo.
Book Mom’s ticket (and your own!) at – it’s only N$50 a ticket! The talk will be available from 08:00 on Sunday, 10 May 2020 so Mom can tune in at any time!

10. Tamonika Floral Expressions

The Floral expressions team is working hard to make Mothers day the most memorable ever with their Hampers filled with love. Check out their Facebook page for all the stunning options!