You are beautiful.

To any mom who has ever felt that she is not beautiful. To every mom who has judged herself too harshly. You are beautiful and always will be. 

As a mom of two girls, whose idea of a perfect mom has no judgement, I want them to see that I can love myself just as I am. And that there is no preconceived idea of what beauty is. What we feel on the inside is what should matter and that will truly make us happy and give us confidence. Inner beauty always radiates outward and is perceived by all we come in contact with.

After giving birth our body changes. It is a new body, mentally, physically and emotionally. And that new body comes with a new adjustment in your life as well. A life, where time may be limited. Less time to focus on yourself as you had before. 

In my Pilates practice, so often, moms come in and want to start training to recover their “old” body. As a mom myself I know how hard it is to get to where you were before, as I know how many hours of training combined with healthy eating it took me to stay at what I perceived as the ideal body. Time and hours that is just not available to us right now, especially when the kids are still small. 

Change your focus, and exercise to feel healthy, to feel strong, to move pain-free and to destress, instead of with the focus of losing weight in mind. If you can change your focus, then your self-body image will change from inside. Reducing the pressure. Move for well-being as that is more important in today’s life. A healthy mind sponsors a healthy body. If you eat, live and exercise with that goal in mind, your whole outlook will change, and you will start loving yourself – your whole self.

Take time for yourself. Take care of yourself without guilt.

Free time is not always on our side, so try to make healthy choices every day and don’t feel guilty about that treat you shared with your kids or feeling too tired to go for a run. Enjoy those beautiful moment granted, to share something special, something delightful, something beautiful. Special moments are lost in a wink; they never return. And see yourself through your child’s eyes. 

Happy Mothers Day!

Sabine Roberts is a mother of two. She has run her own studio in Cape Town for 12 years before moving back to Namibia in 2015, where she started her studio in Windhoek.

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