How to shop during Corona

We’re certainly living in strange times. Shopping has suddenly taken on the shape of a giant mountain. Shops are only allowing a certain number of people in at a time, everything is constantly being disinfected, and masks have replaced smiles.

But, how can we stay safe and minimize our risk for contracting COVID (and various other illnesses)?

1. Avoid close contact with people showing symptoms of respiratory illnesses. Stay away from the serial sneezer and that one guy who refuses to cough into his bent elbow. Although it is possible to contract corona from surfaces (it can live up to 17 days on surfaces), the biggest risk is from person to person contact.

2. Go to the shop during off-peak hours. Head out with your list and your mask and get in and out.

3. Most shops have an attendant who disinfects your cart. Sanitise your hands, grab a disinfected cart, and thank the attendant!

4. Avoid touching everything. Make sure you grab what you need and think twice before putting things in your cart just to take it out again and put it back.

5. Sanitize the products when you get home. Before leaving the house, put out some sanitizing spray and a cloth so that you can head in and start spraying and wiping. After packing everything away, sanitize your countertops and throw away your plastic bags. If you’re using reusable bags, throw them in the wash and hang them outside in the sun. This is also a great time to consider the switch to reusable bags – save the earth, people!

7. Pour yourself a massive glass of wine because this has been a hell of an ordeal!

Remember, stay safe, stay home (as far as possible), and stay positive!