Stylish and home-grown influencers, ZINA using Instagram to get your brand noticed!

Influencing has become a very profitable business model. It’s no surprise that women entrepreneurs in Namibia have caught up to the rest of the world.

Meet Zina, a collective of gorgeous, goal-oriented women delivering lifestyle tips & tricks, creating content designed to promote Namibian products and businesses and inspiring others to live their lives fully, beautifully and Namibian.

Their Instagram is filled with pretty pictures and inspiring quotes, recipes and fashion tips, so why not lift your mood and go check it out. Remember to view their Highlights and meet the team behind Zina!   

Take time and go through their website; they offer great packages to help you promote your services. Collaborate with heir creative flair and let them help you reach more potential customers – leaving you to focus on your craft and giving over the content creation over to these beautiful, creative and savvy ladies!

You can find their Instagram here
And there website click here