Dörte Berner’s self-published book of complete works “Stein ist stille — Beyond the silence” now available to cherish!

Coffee table books are quick and easy to upgrade a living room from drab to fab, and Dörte Berner’s new collection is no different.

Dörte Berner is a Namibian sculptor who connects the past with the present and human beings with the supernatural world. Her beautiful sculptures combine the spiritual, moral, and accepted values of the world and the cosmos, striving to reveal a truth beyond a mundane world.

Her working material is a natural stone, and she prefers to work with material that is part of the earth – staying true to her love of the earth, not only in words but in actions too.

Now, after a long wait and planning, curating, and designing, “Stein ist stille – Beyond the silence” is here! A gorgeous coffee table book containing work from 1963 to 2020 was officially launched on 20 November 2020 is available now!

The book is beautifully printed on art stock paper and handbound in Cape Town, making it a perfect gift for a friend (or yourself) and stunning addition to any book collection.

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Images used for this articles were sourced from Turipamwe’s social mediaTuripamwe is the official Design agency for this book.