The inspiring woman-owned line captures your “African Memories in a box!”

Meet Bianca Meger – Born and raised on a beautiful Namibia farm and now living in Israel with her husband and 3 awesome kids. Bianca, the Founder & CEO of African Memories in a box, a unique jewellery collection designed for travellers passionate about Africa!

Imagine our joy when we saw African Memories in a box! This Proudly Namibian, woman-owned business recently opened and they are already making waves. Their designs are aimed at women living in the big city, with a yearning for Africa and her beauty. Not only are the designs beautiful, but they’ve also got quite a story behind them.

Bianca was always looking to take Africa with her when she travelled but only recently decided what she wanted to do. Now living in Israel, she finds herself missing the farm and Namibian nature! Bianca decided to say, “screw it, let’s do it” and jumped right in (despite COVID! Such bravery, right?)!

With high quality, but still affordable, Africa chic pieces, you can wear these in the boardroom or next to the bushveld, and we hope you do! We here at Pretty Curious are all about supporting Proudly Namibian products and with pieces as pretty as these, it’s so easy!

You can get a 10% DISCOUNT, sitewide! Just use the code #shopcurious and you have yourself a memory you can hold (physically) close to your heart (or ears!)

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