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NOW OPEN FOR PUBLISHING!. We are looking for contributions! If you’ve got an original story to share, a product to showcase, a simply delicious recipe, an inspiring piece of art, or anything you think would fit us, follow the steps below and get published!

Message from our Founder:

I started the idea of this website back in 2007. With the changing state of the world and mental space, we are in, I think now is the best time to get this site up and running. We all need some inspiration in our lives, and we all desire a form of PRETTY.
For the foreseeable future – the content we share here is FREE of charge. You will not be charged to share your service, business, ideas or products. We want to be of service; a space for you as small, medium or large business owner to still build and grow your business in this time of change via our website, email newsletter and social media.

We will, however, curate and verify the information that goes up on the site. We are looking for pretty, stunning, gorgeous, inspiring stories, products and services to publish. Positive in all forms.

Always be CURIOUS – Sharing is caring – and here it is also inspiring! Hope to hear from you soon!

To get published, we need the following:

1. Your details:
Name, surname and a short bio, together with your Social Media handle (Facebook or Instagram);

2. A short summary/
editorial of whatever you’re sharing. Our editor will copy check and proof read before publishing. We will then get your approval on the final cut before publishing;

Will get your approval before publishing.

3. Three-Five Images. Show your Pretty product, service, art or idea! We would love to help and push your work. Make sure you have the right to share the image as all photos must be legally available for use. If not, please supply the name of your source/website or social media profile where you found the image. There are also a few websites where you can find copyright-free photos.

Let’s build something together.