Our Story

Hello, my co-curious-seeker,

Why Curiosity?

adjective. Curious means:

  1. eager to know or learn something.: having a desire to learn or know more about something. curious, inquisitive, curious, a neutral term, basically connotes an active desire to learn or to know.

It all started with a desire to see what’s new. To browse, follow and share new products and inspire people. Loving print magazines and spending more money on them than we can justify (or sometimes even read!) – but the smell and promise of being introduced to new trends, designs, styles, food – oh-so-exciting! Our curiosity, and desire to share and inspire, grew and grew so big that we decided to share all of the new and inspiring things on a digital platform with all of you.

We have a love of all things pretty and a desire to learn from others as much as we possibly can. At Pretty Curious we will keep it pretty, looking nice, but still functional and easily explorable!

The idea for this website started in 2007. And as this Magazine-style site grows, we hope you will share, enjoy and be inspired! Pretty Curious is not just our space, but yours as well!
Our Founder has a very important messagemake sure not to miss it here.

All our Inspired Curiosity from our world to yours.


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